Monday, July 14, 2014

Have You Seen Moringa Oleifera, the Miracle Tree?

I recently came across Moringa Leaf Powder
and have been putting it my smoothies for the past
few days. After a recent exposure to mold again that
set me back with pain, headaches, high blood pressure,
viscous hot flashes all day, and other issues, I was anxious
to see what this Miracle Tree powder could do for me. 

I was already doing my best to control my high blood pressure with natural remedies like banana, celery, avocado, spinach and coconut water. Although I got relief after each smoothie I drank, I would still have spikes through out the day. I almost resorted back to my blood pressure pills that I had put away. Mold is very evil in my body and it takes a while to detox from it once I get exposure. I try so hard to avoid it so that my gut can heal completely, in hopes that exposures to mold in the future aren't so violent in me.
Mold is every where and every time I leave my apartment,
I get exposure. I sometimes lose hope that I will ever live a normal life again. But God speaks to me in so many ways and my 
diminishing hope is always renewed in Him. I know that I will heal and as I seek and trust Him, He will continue to direct my paths.

  Moringa Powder from the Moringa tree leaf, is the latest super food and rage and I believe
God has placed it in my path 
to help me heal.  Moringa has been identified as the vegetable
with the highest nutritional value than any other plant. After looking at all the benefits of
Moringa, I realized Moringa is the mother of all super foods. Nothing compares to it!

I knew I had to get a hold of this Moringa and it had to be from a trust worthy source.
It had to be 100% Moringa and processed in a gluten free facility.  

Some of you know that I am currently on my second 30 day juice fast to help me heal.
I saw some healing in the first juice fast but I was still not where I wanted to be. As a matter
of fact, I still had some minor pains and inflammation. I knew I would have to do another
30 day juice fast. I needed to flood my body with nutrients and juicing was the best way for me.

Three weeks ago, I got mold exposure that set me back. My pains and high blood pressure returned, knocking me back down. It was almost like I did the first 30 day juice fast for nothing.
I was frustrated and in tears. I cried out to God. Would this ever end? As I prayed and asked God
for help, He showed me 2 awesome products I needed in my life. Moringa Oleifera was one of them. 

Now that I was armed with these 2 amazing products, I decided it was time to begin my second
30 day juice fast. Actually my Moringa had not arrived yet, but I knew it was on it's way.
I would add it to my smootihes as soon as it arrived. And so I began my juice fast. 

For the first 5 days of my juice fast, I still struggled with high blood pressure, headaches,
hot flashes and inflammation. Each juice/smoothie I drank lowered my blood pressure but within
a couple of hours, it was up again. It was a struggle to keep it down to a safe level. 

On the 5th day, My Moringa arrived in the mail. I opened it and tried it immediately. That day
I did not see any results and I went to bed, debating whether I should take a blood pressure
pill or not. In the past, the blood pressure pills did little for my high blood pressure and only made me 
nauseated. (Yes my conventional medicine doctor tried several other pills with me)

I chose not to even check my pressure. I didn't want to know. It would only worry me and make
things worse. I just went to bed with my headache, hot flashes and inflammation and tossed and
turned the entire night. The next morning, I put Moringa in my smoothie. As the day went on,
I began to feel better. My headaches and inflammation went down which meant my blood pressure
was down too. My energy level came up and my viscous (around the clock) hot flashes were not happening. Not one hot flash the entire day.  I went to bed early, feeling pretty good and not only did I sleep all night but I slept cuddled up under my comforter, which was a first in several months
for me. 
The third day of Moringa had me feeling better as well. My blood pressure and inflammation stayed down, at least to a safer level, all through the day. That night's sleep was just as beautiful.
I know if I continue Moringa with my smoothies, I will find my healing. Thank you Lord Jesus for revealing Moringa to me. Thank you for directing my paths.

scroll to the end to find out how to order. 

The Miracle Tree
(Be sure to watch the video)

Moringa Trumps Other Superfoods

Amazed with it's nutrients, minerals, amino acids, healing powers
and then feeling it working in me in such a short time,
I went back to Green Virgin Products and signed up to be an affiliate. :)
You know I did!

To find out more about Moringa and how it's processed,
visit my affiliate link. (Check out their other products too!)
Simply click the link above or below.

Green Virgin Products

Save my link for each time you order so that I get credit
and share my link with your friends.
(unless you become an affiliate too. )

Let's take healing to the next level!

P. S.  Right now I am using the 150 Gram Moringa Powder for $13. 98. 
The package says 2 grams is one serving and 1 serving is equal to 1 Tablespoon.
That would mean the package should contain 75 servings.
I counted out the servings in a measuring Tablespoon and only got 22 servings.
If you have a scale that measures grams, I am sure you will find 2 grams is less
than 1 Tablespoon, maybe even less that 1 teaspoon.
So I am not sure what's up with that.
I just know with my health and strong desire to heal, I am using 1 Tablespoon a day.
This will give me about 22 servings (or days) from 1 package.
So 2 packs of this powder would definitely get you through one month. Not bad at all.
Or you can buy it prepackaged in 2 gram servings for $42.95 or in capsules (see price) 

You could also use only 1 teaspoon a day and then the package should last you 2 months.
That's awesome! So much healing power for so little cost! 

 1 Tablespoon can be overpowering in your smoothie!!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Join me on another Juice Fast

I am getting ready to do another 30 day juice fast.
This one will take place after the July 4th weekend.
 July 7- August 8, 2014

Even though I am feeling remarkably better, I want to kick colitis, leaky gut and candida's butt
and be able to return to a full Paleo lifestyle. Since my last juice fast I have gone from having to take 12 Ultra Acids per meal to only 2 per meal. I have lost some weight, lots of bloat and I feel better overall. I want more! I am currently on a Paleo modified Fodmaps diet so I still have too

many restrictions.  It doesn't take much to inflame my colon.

Come Revive your health with me. Join me on a juice fast.
30 days or 2 weeks or 1 week or even just 3 days. Everything counts

Juice Revive 

I will post daily inspiration for all of us.
Many will be Bible verses so if that offends you,
this group may not be for you.
This is a close group so let me know if you want
to join and I will add you.

You can use any juice or smoothie recipe you want.
Juice as much as you need to help you survive the day.  

Post pics in our group of your juice if you like.
We all love to see yummy juices. 

Post your favorite juice or smoothie recipe.
Post encouragement or inspiration.
Post before and after pics of yourself. 

Just keep it nice and keep it clean. 

How I do my 30 day juice fast.

My juice is a combination of  juicing and a smoothie.
You get the best of both. 

It contains vegetables that are not normally in smoothies
and the fiber offered in a smoothie.

only delicious but should keep you satisfied for quite a while.

Because I practice intermittent fasting, I usually only have
2 quart size smoothies a day. I also drink lots of water and herbal teas. On days I am hungry, I do not hesitate to have another smoothie. Listen to your body. 

My way of juicing also keeps me always prepared so I do not fail.

I juice all my juice for the week!
Usually on Sunday afternoon, I juice 2-3 gallons of fresh vegetalble juice
and then I freeze it in quart size ziplock bags. One gallon makes 8 pints.
I measure out my vegetable juice with a pint size mason jar.
I then pour the pint jar into a ziplock bag and place it in the freezer. 

I use a quart size because they seem to be stronger than sandwich and it
gives a little more room to fold the bag over a bit to keep it from leaking.

If you are drinking 3 juices a day, you will need 21 bags of juice
in your freezer for the week. 3 gallons of juice will give you 24 meals.

I do not use a recipe. I just juice until I have a gallon
and then I start over. Not only am I prepared for the week,
vegetables do not take up room and go bad in my refrigerator.
Vegetables like cucumber, celery, zucchini give you the most juice so use them for your base and add in other vegetables like spinach, kale, chard, carrots, beets, cabbage etc. I like to use different vegetables each week. Seasonal vegetables and sales help me decide.  

I also freeze fresh pineapple. Cut the pineapple into small chunks.
Lay them on a lined cookie sheet in the freezer until frozen,
then place them in a ziplock bag. This will keep them from all clumping
together. Pineapple is very juicy so they will clump together in one big clump
if you freeze them all at once in a bag.

 I usually cut up 4 pineapples per week.
My kids love a pint zise smoothie every day. :)

I also freeze bananas and all kinds of berries. 

Have avocados and Organic Coconut Oil always on hand.

Optional: Find a good source of Protein Powder.
I use 
Ultra Protein -Vanilla from Gluten Free Society.
If you are gluten sensitive if is very important that your
protein powder does not contain gluten or grain.
Many protein powders contain a rice protein or other ingredients
that may not be beneficial for someone trying to heal Leaky Gut.

Optional- 100% Coconut Water


Topp Juice Smoothie
 Loaded with vegetables, fruit, protein, fat and some fiber.
This recipe will make a good quart size smoothie. 

1 pint frozen vegetable juice (prepared ahead) 
1/2  avocado or 1/2 banana 
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup frozen pineapple
1-2 Tablespoons melted coconut oil if not using avocado
2 scoops Ultra Protein
1-2 cups Coconut water or Filtered Water.
1 large handful fresh spinach 

*You may need to place your bag of frozen vegetable juice in a bowl
of cold water for about 10 minutes to help melt it just a little so that
it will fit in your blender. 

Add avocado or frozen banana, berries, pineapple, frozen vegetable juice and fresh spinach
to a blender. I use a Ninja.

This should break it all up and the spinach should be tiny pieces.

Add in a little coconut water or filtered water. Blend well.

If you are using coconut oil, melt it first. Turn on blender and slowly pour in coconut oil.
Add protein powder and blend. Add in coconut water or filtered water
to a desired smoothie consistency.
Pour into a quart size mason jar, add a straw and enjoy. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

I survived a 30 day juice fast!

That's 30 days of nothing but juice or smoothies. 

I have been struggling with health issues since leaving my home 7 months ago. Hidden mold in my home was making me sick, filling my body with pain and shooting my blood pressure dangerously high. Mold destroyed my leaky gut even more and it has been a struggle to detox my body from the mold so that it can heal.
With all that has been going on with my house, I have been under a lot of emotional stress. Stress in itself can cause leaky gut. Years of gluten damage, mold toxicity, and stress all playing key issues with my ill health.

It wasn't long before I had inflammation roaring in my gut and colon and my blood pressure was elevated again. (Thankfully not as high as it was when I was at home.)
To help with the pains, I began weeding out foods that I thought could be the culprit. Each time I omitted something, I found a little relief. Chicken, Pork, eggs, nuts, beef, fish, they all went. What was the common denominator? Protein.

Dr.Osborne listened to my symptoms and put me on a acid supplement to see if that would help. He believed that my gut was not digesting protein because of low stomach acid. Even vegetables with protein inflamed me.

My days were not only yucky with pain, but my energy was gone and depression set in big time.  I would wake in the night, drenched from sweat, pain all in my lower back, sides, headache, blood pressure up, very bloated and extremely gassy. By noon each day, I had already been to the bathroom 5 times. My gut was not healing and I knew something else was definitely wrong.  My colon was inflamed causing my blood pressure to go up. 
Dr.Osborne explained that with Adrenal Fatigue, my body was no longer fighting inflammation. I was in sad shape and I knew it. My immunity was already extremely low at only 7%.  So with low immunity, Adrenal Fatigue, Colitis, leaky gut, low acid, candida and a possible parasite, I knew I was/am the perfect candidate for cancer. If I don't heal, my doctor wants to me to see a gastro for a scope to see what else is going on in my colon. Could it be cancer?  

I once told Dr.Osborne I was not going back for any mammogram or pap smear. He asked me if I would do chemo or radiation if I found out I had cancer and I told him no. If I can't heal disease in my body with nutrition, then so be it. So with whatever was roaring inside me, I knew I needed to take nutrition to the next level. I had to flood my body with vegetables. I knew I could never eat as much as I juice and I knew my gut needed a break from breaking down foods.  I had to take on a lengthy juice fast and I knew it was not going to be easy nor was it going to be a quick fix solution. 


Dr.Osborne suggested I do intermittent fasting right along with my juice fast to give my colon a rest to help it heal. He recommended others things that could help me like the Float tank therapy and Infrared Lamps. I am hoping to get my own set of Infared Lamps one day. Check out this post on

8 Detox Benefits of  Near Infared Sauna Therapy

  As if struggling with health was not enough, add on the finances of my Functional Medicine health care not covered on insurance, the extra bills of my apartment, the possibility of having no choice but to sell our home in an "as is" condition, and selling our cars and our travel trailer. Overwhelming. 
I have been locked away in my apartment with orders to stay home for the past 6 months. My husband and I no longer live together since he is working on our house. With no car to drive and no outside social life, sadness took over me. I found myself crying or near tears almost daily. And down went my gut. 

I knew I had to get it together and I had to do whatever it took to heal my body. 

Here are four things I decided on... First- Knowing that food had become a real stress to my body, I decided with my doctors approval, to take on a 30 day juice fast, possibly even longer. And I took on intermittent fasting with it.

Second I knew I needed to avoid all toxic relationships that were pulling me down emotionally. I'll save you the drama of this. 

Third- I would make sure I got plenty of sunshine and fresh air every day. Lack of sunshine will make you gloomy real fast. So with KSBJ blaring in my ears, I make sure I walk 3-6 miles every day. Intense workouts inflamed me at the beginning but now as I heal, I am finding I can workout more intensely again. So that is progress my doctor will be pleased with. 

Last I knew I had to quit worrying about our house and what the future holds for us. God has it. He has taken care of me and my family so far on this difficult journey. I am sure that He didn't bring me this far to leave me. If my husband and I have to start over with nothing to our name, I know we have everything, because we have each other and we have great kids. 

So with a strong determination to heal my body naturally, I can now proudly say..I survived a 30 day juice fast. 
Some have asked how I feel now and what's next. 

I feel better than I did 30 days ago before I began the fast but I still have inflammation ready to roar. It is way down but it is still there. I believe my low acid has improved since I no longer have to take 12 Ultra acids before each juice. I am down to 2 acid supplements per juice. That is good but it seems I have another issue going on. I am looking into Fodmaps (Paleo -fied). It seems now that certain vegetables or fruit are causing issues as well. Dr.Osborne once told me that until I heal my gut, I will continue developing allergies and other issues, even other auto immune diseases. You have to heal your gut! 

To learn about Fodmaps for those doing paleo , ThePaleoMom has a great post.. Modifying Paleo for Fodmaps.  Fodmaps allows grains and others foods that set me off so I like how Sarah has modified it. I am posting the charts here for easy access for myself.
I lost about 10-12 lbs. (I don't have a scale) Not enough weight loss for a 30 day juice fast but that just proves I have something really wrong with my gut. I am definitely not where I need to be with my healing.  I have decided to continue to juice as long as it takes, but now I have added in Fodmaps. I will spare you the countdown on facebook this time. Thanks to all of you who encouraged me with your likes or comments. Believe it or not...You made it easier. 

To my praying friends...
Please continue to pray for healing for me. 
Pray that God would show us what to do with our house. I only have a little while longer here at the apartment since we can't afford to sign another lease. We have to make a decision and we need God to show us direction.
Our house has no kitchen or bathrooms and several walls have been cut into. We were denied help from insurance. With my health issues, there is no money left to rebuild or to pay for professional remediation or new duct work. If we sell our home, it will have to be to an investor in an "as is" condition.

I have to keep my head high and trust God in all this. No more worries! I can not  heal with worrying. I have learned this the hard way.

Thank you for your prayers. They are the best thing you can do for me! 

Here's to another possible 30 days of juicing - the Fodmap way!

Fodmaps Charts from ThePaleoMoms Website....
I will stay in the Safe zone for now.