Thursday, March 5, 2015

We Sold Our House.

Yesterday we sold our house and handed over the keys. After a year and a half of tearing it apart in search of mold, getting rid of more than half our belongings, and removing anything that was salvageable, our mold remediation came to a stop.  My husband, trying to hold down a job and take care of his family, was tired and overwhelmed. Time and resources had also run out.

Without the help of insurance, mold remediation and rebuilding can be a total nightmare and something you really shouldn't do on your own. Heck, it's a nightmare even with insurance.

We came to a point where we just didn't know what else to do. Should we sell the house or do I return home? We had hopes that my husband had found all the mold, but the house still needing cleaning and disinfecting and then lots of rebuilding which would have cost thousands of dollars in repairs. To sell it like it was, we were going to lose thousands of dollars as well. Sell or keep, it was a tough decision we had to make. We wanted to seek God's will, but we knew it was going to take some action on our part. No one was going to come knock on our door and say "Can I buy your house?" 

We called my dad, our real estate agent, and listed our house in an "as is" condition, fully aware that we were going to lose a lot of money that we could have made, had we been able to rebuild it first. We decided to put it on the market and give it one month. I knew if this was God's plan for us, our house would sell in the sad condition it was in, and yes, I knew God could sell it in one month's time.  If our house didn't sell in one month, we had decided that we were going to return home, and rebuild it little by little even if it took us years and I was going to trust Him that my home was safe for me to live in again. What ever happened in one month, I believed was God's answer to us.

Our house sold and we came out okay, with a little more than I thought possible.  God is good, He knows our needs. He is in control and I give praise to Him. I am also so very grateful to my dad, our real estate agent, who set the price for our house higher than I would have thought, and then he stood firm when some investors gave their very low offers. They wanted our house, but they wanted it for almost nothing, some offers even left us owing money after closing. Whatever dudes! Move on. 

And then.... the perfect investor came along who saw the real potential in our home and he offered the perfect price in the perfect time. In less than a month, we had a contract on our house. God is good and He is in control.

After 18 years of living and raising a family in a house we loved, we hold only those memories now but the house itself is forever gone for our family. Because of the toxic mold that destroyed my health, a good part of me wanted to say goodbye, good riddance. Adios. But the other part of me is sad and torn.  It is a house that will always hold a piece of my heart and I wished we could have done more to save it and restore it back to the home our family loved.  But it is what it is, and I can only trust and believe that God has something much better in store for our family.

So what's next for us? Well we just don't know. We know we have to rebuild our credit that this mold hell has destroyed. Then, where do we want to go? North? South? East? West? We just don't know. We are torn in that decision as well but we will seek God's guidance. Please help me pray that we hear Him clearly in our next move, that He shuts doors that needs to be shut and open wide the door that needs to be open. 

One thing I do know is that we have learned a lot about mold on this journey, what it can do your health and how it can destroy your life, or try to destroy it. I have met many on the same mold journey as me, some living in tents or vehicles because they had to flee their homes, and I know our family has so very much to be grateful for. My heart aches for those going through this hell. 

We've learned mistakes that we made in our home and how some mold/mildew issues could have been prevented, but most of the mold in our home was well hidden from slow leaks inside the walls that was even undetectable by an expensive mold inspection. The fear of hidden mold will always be a part of me but I now know steps we can take to help prevent our new home from growing that horrible health destroyer and thief ..aka mold. 

It's over now. Our house is sold. I give thanks to God. I pray complete restoration to my health that cross contamination of mycotoxins have hindered and I pray His direction and a perfect home for our family. I am excited to what He has in store for us.

Oh and if you are in the Greater Houston area, and you are ever looking for a good, honest, Real Estate Agent, who can wheel and deal, and get your house sold, my dad is the best!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Coconut Covered Date Balls

Coconut Covered Date Balls... or "Snow Covered Balls" is what my kids call them.

1 lb Medjool dates (approx 35 dates)
1/2 cup Coconut Oil (melted)
1 1/2 cups Raw Almonds
2 teaspoons Himalayan Salt
1/4 cup Raw Honey
1 bag Unsweetened Coconut Flakes

1 cup (or more) Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips (optional)
1-2 cups chopped nuts (pecans, walnuts) (optional)

In a processor, process dates and melted coconut oil.
Be sure to remove the seeds from the dates.

*(If dates are not soft and pliable, you can soften them
up in an 300 degree oven. Remove the seeds. Place them
on a cookie sheet. Place a moist towel on top of them and
place them in the oven until they soften. 

After processing dates and coconut oil for about a minute,
add in 1 and 1/2 cups raw almonds. Process for about 1 minute.
(Almonds should be finely chopped and well blended in with the dates.) 

Add 1 teaspoon Himalayan salt, 1/4 cup honey and the
Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips. Process till well blended. 

Remove the date mixture from the processor into a large bowl.

Add 1- 2 cups of pecans and walnuts to the processor.
Process until smaller pieces of nuts but not too fine. . 

Add the chopped pecans and walnuts to the date mixture
and work them in. 

Add 1 bag Unsweetened Coconut Flake
and 1 teaspoon Himalayan Salt to the processor.
Process until very fine. Pour into a small bowl.

Form small balls with the date mixture.
Roll the date balls in the coconut.

Store in an air tight container in the refrigerator

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dear Santa

I’m not asking for a present
underneath my tree.
I’m just longing for a house
that’s safe for me to be.
My house is very toxic,
it has taken much from me.
It put my life in grave danger, 
and I sadly had to flee.
I left many things behind, 

my possessions were toxic too. 

I took my children and left 

and we had to start a new.

But it doesn't end there, dear Santa,
it gets much worse, you see…
Cross Contamination of Mycotoxins
soon began attacking me.
And almost every place I venture,
has enough mold to set me back,
so I live a sheltered, lonely life
until I get my health back on track.
Many doctors have no clue,
what mold can do to you,
they can not help mold illness,
They think we are "coo coo".
Insurance does not help either,
So we are left alone, 
Finances are overwhelming

as mounds of bills have grown. 

My home sits there empty,
We can’t afford remediation,
the thousands of dollars to repair it
are a burden and frustration.
Because it is demolished,
it will be hard to sell,
We will lose all our equity,
and a home we love so well.
And so this Christmas, dear Santa
I’m not asking for a gift.
But maybe a few of your elves 
could give us a little lift. 

 Can they come in my house
 and find that awful hidden mold?
Can they remove it professionally,
and keep the spores controlled?
Can they disinfect my fireplace,
scrub my walls and all my floors?
Can they even wash the ceiling,
the windows and the doors?
Can they help rebuild the kitchen,
which is no longer there?
and how about the bathrooms,
they too are looking bare.
Could they replace all the duct work,
and the insulation in my attic?
If they could do this, dear Santa,
I would be ecstatic! 

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